Refund policy is not responsible for delays in execution (including delivery) due to cases that cannot be attributed to‘s fault. Examples include strikes, supplier / transfer / production problems, exchange rate fluctuations, government or legislative acts, and natural disasters.

The shipping cost is what is listed on the relevant page, and refers to the minimum shipping cost per weight and shipping method.

Delivery time is approximate. will make every effort to send you the products within 4-10 working days.

In case the product you bought is defective, you have the right to return it during the first 14 calendar days. In all cases where there was a problem / actual defect in the product (operation or quality) covered by the product warranty, is only an intermediary between the customer and the manufacturer or dealer. Therefore the return / replacement of the order is accepted only when the dealer or the manufacturer estimates that the products are really defective. is not obliged to accept return or replacement of products that do not fall under this provision products covered by third party warranties such as the manufacturer of the product or its representative when he in turn does not accept the return.

In case the customer requests the change or replacement of the products he chose during his purchase and the transaction wishes to be done remotely, then he is charged with the shipping costs. This cost is independent of the shipping policy when purchasing these products.

The maximum return / replacement period will not be accepted after the end of 14 calendar days from the date of receipt by the customer. In addition, the product to be replaced must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt or sales invoice.

In case they are not returned within 14 calendar days then may not accept any return and replacement. Excluded are products that have a warranty from their dealer or manufacturer where in this case acts as an intermediary and must execute the decision of the warranty provider.

Exceptions are orders that include additional work done exclusively for you and exclude the possibility of the products being sold to another. Indicatively, the categories that are not allowed to be replaced are the special registered orders and constructions according to specific specifications. In these cases the company repairs the damage and new delivery of the product to the customer only if there is a manufacturing error.

Returns in any case are accepted only if the products you wish to return are in the same condition in which you received them, ie without damage or damaged packaging, along with the receipt or sales invoice. Their packaging must be the one that normally accompanies the product (according to IMEI) and must be in excellent condition, along with all the documents that accompanied the product. Prior to any return, it is recommended to consult with the store.

Upon receipt of your order, you must check the condition of the products and the integrity of the packaging. In the event of damage to the packaging and any defects resulting from the shipment, please refuse to receive it at that time.

To avoid your own inconvenience, it is advisable to carefully check at the time of delivery of your order the condition of the products sold and their packaging intact, in order to identify any obvious defects.

In order for the products you bought from to be returned for any reason, you must notify us in writing. Upon agreement, the product will be returned accompanied by the completed return form and the relevant purchase documents and always within the above 14-day period, stating the date / number of the purchase document as well as the reason for the return.

In case of return of the products and depending on the way you chose to pay for your order and on the other hand the way their return will take place, your refund will be completed within 30 days from the date we receive the products. The return can be made by crediting your account that you will notify us.