Counted bed sheet for cross-stitch embroidery “Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs”

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Counted bed sheet for your baby’s crib with two pillowcases, for decorative and sleeping pillows. Everybody’s favourite fairytale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” comes alive on the canvas.

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Counted bed sheet for cross-stitch embroidery “Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs”

54,0079,00 with VAT

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Embroider a fabric ribbon (20 x 120 cm) made of AIDA etamine (55 sq. / 10 cm) with 2-ply mouline and attach it on the Italian cotton bed sheet fabric Victoria (120 x 180 cm). Follow the same method for the decorative pillow. Do not embroider the sleeping pillow; instead, finish it with the same colourful piping you have used for the rest of the set. The bed sheet is perfect for 80 x 140 cm baby mattresses. The pattern comes colourised and detailed on a square A3 paper. In case you would not like to stitch and finish the set yourself, you can get it ready-stitched, and just embroider it!
Α. Kit for stitching and finishes, with a variety of colour choices for the piping.
The kit includes:
Cotton fabric     120 x 180 cm
Cotton fabric      65 x 90 cm
Cotton fabric      55 x 80 cm
Etamine cotton fabric   20 x 120 cm
Etamine cotton fabric   20 x 60 cm
DMC mouline threads   25 hanks
Colourful piping       4.5 m
3 colourised Α3 pages
Β. Bedding set with pillows, stitched and finished, ready for embroidery. Choose the colour of the piping for the etamine edges.
The kit includes:
Ready-made bed sheet (with etamine ribbon): 108 x 168 cm
Ready-made pillowcase (with etamine ribbon): 38 x 49 cm
Ready-made pillowcase (without ribbon): 38 x 46 cm
DMC mouline threads 25 hanks
3 colourised Α3 pages
Please note that:
1. The size of cross-stitching on AIDA etamine (55 sq. /10 cm) is similar to that of a size 8 canvas.
2.   Each kit’s price is calculated based on the included material. The number of mouline thread hanks is an approximation. Once your embroidery is finished, we would be thankful to know how many hanks you had to use.
3.   The kit only includes pillowcases.
4.   In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or call us from 09:00 to 13:00.
5.   The laces, ribbons or trimmings pictured here might not be available.




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